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„Creative Side of Driving“

What’s the best way to present a new, futuristic vehicle? By putting it on a spectacular stage, having an exciting celebrity talk about it and presenting the result to the car brand’s premium target group in a suitable environment.

That’s why we headed to the outlandish, desert landscape of America’s Joshua Tree National Park where we visited Chris Hanley at his famous Invisible House to present the sporty, luxurious BMW i7. The fully-mirrored building of the US filmmaker is – just like the BMW i7 – an aesthetic masterpiece.

Along with two editorial articles in the print editions of AW Architektur & Wohnen and Robb Report, two short films containing interviews were also produced, which were integrated into and and were distributed via traditional communication channels. During the editing process, the Robb Report focussed more on luxury and the car while for AW Architektur & Wohnen it was more about architecture and design.

Showcase BMWi7

The special feature of this production: It didn’t just focus on the car, but also on Chris Hanley’s extraordinary property. This creates more diversity and excitement for readers of the Robb Report and AW Architektur & Wohnen.

This isn’t the first time that JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG and BMW have successfully collaborated: As the first external designer for AW Architektur & Wohnen and the Robb Report, Stefan Diez was able to view the iX model up close and embark on a discovery tour.