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Discerning people, for whom development is a way of life, feel deep fulfilment when spaces become a revelation. For its clients, Gaggenau is a high-calibre part of this fulfilment. With its perfect kitchen appliances, the premium brand turns the kitchen into the embodiment of a lifestyle without limits.

We wanted to make this boundless lifestyle a tangible experience for Gaggenau’s customers over and above the kitchen: With the customer magazine “new spaces”, we have created an effective medium that allows Gaggenau to focus not on the obvious, but on the world that its customers experience. It offers high-calibre insights, backgrounds, suggestions and exciting stories about architecture, design, culinary arts and culture. Impressive. Creative. Authentic. In addition, we have expanded the range of topics covered by the magazine to include video reports and portraits that are out of the ordinary. Furthermore, the Gaggenau homepage features inspiring stories that visualise amazing things. With “new spaces”, people who design and create the extraordinary have their say. Real stories that reflect brand values in real life are told. In the end, a breath-taking identification with the philosophy that unites Gaggenau and its customers takes place.

Cover New Spaces
Luke Dale Roberts: Experiments with flavour and feeling
Charles Smith: The Wild Boy of Winemaking