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Grilling cinema” for the premium target group

A special product line craves excellent presentation. A tailor-made moving picture campaign was developed and implemented in close collaboration with our client ehb (everdure by Heston Blumenthal). The focus was on the „ehb grilling cinema”. The films, conceptualised by us, were shown on the website of our strong brands DER FEINSCHMECKER, AW Magazin and Robb Report as well as on their social media channels.

As a 3-star-chef Heston Blumenthal cultivates his passion about grilling on a very high level of quality. That is why he joined forces with everdure – a barbecue manufacturer from Australia – to invent an all-new range of grill-products that stands out with its esthetic design approach but most of all with its innovative array of features.   

Berlin based food blogger Per Meurling hosted an entertaining 3-part-web series in which he challenged the grills’ capacities together with his guests. He welcomed outstanding culinary experts such as Meta Hiltebrand from Switzerland and in other episodes her colleagues Lucki Maurer as well as Brian Bojsen to the show. Thus, the viewers can get to know the ehb product range and its advantages from different perspectives and receive step-by-step instructions for the preparation of extraordinary BBQ dishes on top. 

Lucki Maurer from the Bavarian Forest said: “I’ve never seen a grill in this modern, futuristic form.”
While testing the FURNACE grill, Swiss TV chef Meta Hiltebrand grilled tender, stuffed squid on a grilled focaccia.

You can find more videos here.

The Australian premium manufacturer has gained recognition with its target audience through native integration on our premier channels and the additional exposure on Per Meurling’s social media channels.