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MERIAN magazine was first published in print in 1948. Over the decades, quality journalism has helped the brand gain a strong standing in publishing, extending far beyond the borders of the German-speaking world. Each monthly issue of Germany’s first and leading travel and culture magazine is devoted to a different city, region or country. Readers can immerse themselves in the atmosphere and lifestyle of the featured location in a way so unique that they are left feeling as though they’ve been there themselves, despite never leaving the comfort of their own four walls – a feat virtually unrivalled by other travel magazines. All content is exclusively produced by writers and photographers on location. MERIAN is tailored to luxury travel aficionados curious to discover new destinations through the medium of high-quality photography and reliably accurate information.


MERIAN publishes a wide range of print and digital content and is available on a number of channels.

MERIAN Ökosystem

Each issue of the monthly magazine inspires readers with editorial finesse and visual photographic art. The brand’s portfolio also includes MERIAN EXTRA, MERIAN scout and MERIAN special. Digital content published on the MERIAN website aligns with the topics covered in the print magazine. Followers can travel the world without stepping outside by following MERIAN’s social media profiles. Travel starts in the mind – as is highlighted by the MERIAN podcast of the same name [German: Reisen beginnt im Kopf], which invites listeners to join the hosts on auditory weekend trips around Germany and the rest of the world on a regular basis. MERIAN also publishes travel guides, books and coffee-table books.

Merian Chefredakteur Hansjörg Falz auf der Queen Mary 2, liegt am Cruise Center Steinwerder.
Hansjörg Falz, Editor in Chief MERIAN & MERIAN scout


People often ask me, “Where do you most enjoy travelling to?” As one of the key contributors to the travel and culture magazine MERIAN for over a dozen years and editor-in-chief since 2016, I never struggle to answer, “Ideally somewhere with a story I can experience.” And then to retell this story. Something MERIAN has done every month since 1948 with the editorial team devoting each issue to a different region, city or country with exclusively researched and compiled images and texts.

As I’ve witnessed time and again over the years, the entire editorial team loves nothing more than collecting and searching for new viewpoints on places every day. We’re not the kind to turn down a trip to an exotic faraway location, but we can also get all the content we need from our Hamburg office.

We poke around, listen and ask everywhere to convey the essence of our experiences to our readers. We are well-researched journalists and talented storytellers who relay unearthed facts, tell inspiring stories and delve deeply into countries and cultures to inspire our readers to jet off and experience it all for themselves.

In a nutshell: we give our readers wanderlust. Collectors of MERIAN magazines have an entire world of travel at their fingertips. While we do explore locations around the globe, we also enjoy sticking true to our roots in Germany. After all, home is where the heart is. Germany offers almost endless travel possibilities. As someone who grew up in the middle of Germany (North Hesse), studied in the south (Munich) and has lived in the north with family for over 30 years (Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein), who has seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted a lot, you’d think I’ve done it all. But I’ve barely scratched the surface of everything on offer in Germany.


Join Inka Schmeling and Kathrin Sander on weekend trips meandering through some of Germany’s most beautiful cities. Embark on an audio adventure to famous sights and captivating museums, take a stroll through charming neighbourhoods and get insider tips for going out, shopping and unmissable experiences.

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Hansjörg Falz
Oliver Voß
Publishing Director
Henning Meyer
Henning Meyer
Senior Brand Manager