No other media brand has achieved as much success in the culinary world and acted as the authority among magazines for discerning gourmets – for over 45 years: DER FEINSCHMECKER. With Deborah Middelhoff at the helm as editor-in-chief, DER FEINSCHMECKER provides reliable curated recommendations and well-researched, contemporary content on all gourmet and culinary topics for a sophisticated, pleasure-oriented, cosmopolitan and trend-savvy target audience. Each issue shines a spotlight on top restaurants and chefs, culinary travel, current trends and innovations, recipes for novices and ambitious hobby chefs, top-quality products and their enthusiastic manufacturers accompanied by tips and trends for wine, spirits and other beverages, and tools and accessories for home kitchens and culinary lifestyles. DER FEINSCHMECKER is the leading source of inspiration and comprehensive guide for the finer things in life, curated for people who enjoy living the good life.

DER FEINSCHMECKER is independent and incorruptible. Visionary and visually stunning. Always on the move throughout Germany and the world and closely connected with the who’s who of the culinary world.


DER FEINSCHMECKER is available in print and online on a number of channels. Visual. Auditory. Editorial. Live. 

Each issue of DER FEINSCHMECKER includes great extras such as the renowned restaurant and wine guide. The latest digital content is always available at Interested followers can also directly access other great content on the publication’s social media pages.

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Gourmet edition products, Olio Award-winning oils and many other delicacies are available for gourmets to purchase from DER FEINSCHMECKER shop. Fans can subscribe to the newsletter, which is released at regular intervals. Editor-in-chief Deborah Middelhoff talks to top chefs and other personalities from the food scene about current hot topics in the worlds of food, drink, travel and enjoyment, along with delving into more personal matters in the brand’s culinary podcast.

To round it all off, DER FEINSCHMECKER lifestyle can also be experienced at glamorous premium events, such as the annual wine awards and events hosted by the exclusive premium club.

Deborah Gottlieb
Deborah Middelhoff, Editor in Chief DER FEINSCHMECKER


Taking up the baton for an icon like DER FEINSCHMECKER and helping it grow and develop has been a rewarding yet monumental task. I took the reins as editor-in-chief in 2020, signifying the start of a new generation for the magazine’s direction – always with a clear focus on striking the fine balance between innovation and continuity. As a firm fixture on the team for the past 15 years, I live and breathe DER FEINSCHMECKER and am acutely aware of its vast potential. In the future, I hope to work with the editorial team to help the brand continue to develop as a premium and versatile culinary experience for Germany’s leading gourmet community. There are a number of ways we can achieve this. For example, we plan on introducing a premium club and exclusive events. New digital formats. Curated independent recommendations from our knowledgeable editorial experts. A constant stream of new inspiration and trustworthy guides to cover all aspects of indulgence and living the high life. Gone are the days when fine dining and high-quality foods were the reserve of the elite – now, we can all enjoy the finer things in life!

As far as I’m concerned: indulgence isn’t a luxury, but a passion for the best products around.


Listen to interviews with famous chefs, producers and personalities from the food scene, innovative hoteliers and winemakers who are rewriting the culinary rules. A new episode is released every two weeks

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