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Opulent visuals paired with first-class service await readers of MERIAN scout, the offshoot of the travel and culture magazine MERIAN that first launched in 2018. Each issue features 200 tips accompanied by breath-taking images and informative text cherrypicked by the editorial team. The magazine offers the perfect guide for short and spontaneous trips and for solo travellers who want to know everything worth visiting and experiencing at their destination.

With its journalistic approach, MERIAN is primarily tailored to readers who want to experience travel from the comfort of their own four walls, whereas MERIAN scout aims to inspire active, mobile travellers looking for the next place to tick off their list.

“MERIAN scout is written for short and spontaneous travellers who typically travel to a city or region for two to four days to explore. These travellers are looking to gain new experiences – and we, MERIAN, have amassed a wealth of experience over the years, making us more than qualified to recommend hot destinations and experiences to last a lifetime”, claims MERIAN Publisher Hansjörg Falz.

Nothing is more important to MERIAN scout than practicality, which is why all tips are categorised by neighbourhood and clearly marked in an overview map. Information on how to reach locations with public transport is always provided. Readers can also focus on their own personal interests thanks to categorised and colour-coded tips (Eating & Drinking, Experiences & Discovery, Shopping, etc.).


Travel magazine MERIAN scout is published six times a year with each issue devoted to one destination featuring 200 exclusive tips researched by the editorial team. MERIAN scout also has its own Instagram account to stay in check with the digital prowess of its readers. This account is used to publish easily available and accessible content.

MERIAN scout Publisher Hansjörg Falz and Deputy Editor in Chief Tinka Dipel


Hansjörg Falz: The pre-COVID world bore witness to a constant rise in the number of short trips, something which will undoubtedly happen again once we all return to normal life. There are two things all travellers want to know: What’s it like where I’m going? What’s worth checking out?

Tinka Dippel: This is where MERIAN scout steps in. Each issue contains 200 handy tips on the city, country or region covered in the magazine. We live by the motto “Discover what’s worth visiting”.

Hansjörg Falz: Our focus is always on the experience, having fun, shopping, celebrations and special events such as concerts or musicals.

Tinka Dippel: The MERIAN scout concept largely revolves around visual design. Large images beckon readers to check out the featured experiences …

Hansjörg Falz: … brief information sections provide background knowledge and everything readers need to know. All tips are organised according to geographical location and marked on a map.

Tinka Dippel: MERIAN scout is primarily aimed at active travellers looking to go on short trips who are 29 years old and above, interested in culture, and open to and searching for new experiences.

Hansjörg Falz: There’s no publication quite like it. In my view, this explains why MERIAN scout has been such a great hit since it first hit the shelves.

Tinka Dippel: Each issue takes readers on a “best of” whistle-stop tour of the respective destination with an introduction to the popular sites along with cafés, restaurants and shops worth paying a visit. The final product comprises a handpicked selection of tips and addresses to give travellers inspiration for their next trip and provide reliable tips when at the destination.


Hansjörg Falz
Oliver Voß
Publishing Director
Henning Meyer
Henning Meyer
Senior Brand Manager